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TA-65 Supplement:

The TA-65 Supplement: Is now available at this link: TA-65

As a natural herbal supplement *these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. TA-65® Is a registered trademark of Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc. Buy TA-65® at RevGenetics today to support research and new product development.

TA-65 Supplement Study:

A Natural Product Telomerase Activator As Part of a Health Maintenance Program - February 17th, 2011. Dr. Maria Blasco and Calvin B. Harley conclude that the protocol lengthens critically short telomeres and remodels proportions of circulating leukocytes of subjects to a more “youthful” profile.
Abstract is here.

The telomerase activator TA-65 elongates short telomeres and increases health span of adult/old mice without increasing cancer incidence - April 14th, 2011. Dr. Maria Blasco and Calvin B. Harley.
Abstract is here.

Telomere Studies:

Vitamins and Telomeres - While no one has done human clinical studies regarding Telomerase Activators, we do know that simply taking regular multivitamins that are not meant to induce telomerase, do show an increase in Telomeres in women by 5%. Telomerase Activators hold the promise of a new type of overall health supplement that is specifically made for this purpose*. Read Article

Transient Telomerase Studies:

Transient Telomerase Safe For Tissue Engineering - *Tissue Engineering Study.

Transient Telomerase used in wound healing - *Wound healing Study.

Telomerase Products:

TA-65®: has been tested and certified by RevGenetics to activate telomerase in human cells*. It is now available. Buy TA-65 Today. 

Nicotine: Is not recommended at this time. While nicotine has shown to increase telomerase, it metabolizes into aminoketone. This is a precursor to NNK a strong carcinogen. NNK has shown to induce cancer. We strongly advise you to avoid nicotine as a telomerae activator. (Nicotine Study From University of Minnesota Cancer Center, Minneapolis)